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Ray Shim Nutritious Food Architect

RAY SHIM: Nutritious Food Architect

Ray’s journey into healthy eating was inspired by the healing journey of his family.

In 1992 Ray’s wife Angela, while pregnant, developed complications from a condition called toxemia, medically known as pre-eclampsia. Angela’s health condition escalated to a point where the only way to save both her life and the baby’s life was for the doctors to perform an emergency caesarean section. Their son Ryan was delivered prematurely at 29 weeks gestation with a birth weight of 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs). From a young age, Ryan was challenged with slow growth, severe eczema, asthma, and a multitude of food and environmental sensitivities.

After six years adhering to allopathic medical protocols without sustained improvement, Ray and Angela decided to direct their attention to uncovering the root cause of both Ryan’s and Angela’s health imbalance by looking for support from practitioners in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), naturopathy, homeopathy, network spinal analysis and various energy healing modalities. Ray had been operating his own business as an IT Consultant for over 20 years when his family was compelled to examine their lifestyle choices.

Even though Ray and Angela thought they were leading a relatively healthy lifestyle, reality was their family’s food choices comprising of refined grains and processed foods contributed to various health issues.

As his family started to embrace healthier diets, Ray found he did not wish to trade off nutritional value for taste. With a passion in both cooking and eating, Ray started to explore creating dishes that were both tasty and nutritious. Ray completed the Holistic Cooking Instructor program offered by the Holistic Cooking Academy of Canada to hone his skills ensuring the recipes he prepares are both tasty and well balanced.

Outside of his interest in healthy cooking, Ray has a rich background in Information Technology as an Honours Computer Science graduate from the University of Toronto.

Ray’s focus as a Holistic Cooking Instructor is in teaching clients to enjoy their cooking experience by making simple changes in food preparation methods which reap the greatest gains in the least amount of time. As Ray’s clients gain experience, additional changes can be slowly introduced. The main message Ray wants to impart is that cooking can be simple, fun and relaxing.


Angela Shim Core Vitality Coach

ANGELA SHIM: Core Vitality Coach

Angela Shim is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Energy Medicine Practitioner whose passion is to help clients enhance core vitality through nutrient dense super foods and energy wellness management.

After 25 years in management roles supporting business intelligence and corporate balanced scorecards, Angela created Vibrant Balance to focus on helping clients design their personal balanced scorecards to meet lifestyle objectives. She combines the best of healing traditions from the East with scientific research and technologies from the West to deliver customized solutions for each client.

Angela graduated on the Dean’s Honour List with an Applied Nutrition Diploma from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2008.  She completed an Honours Business Adminstration degree from Western University’s Ivey School of Business in 1982 and received her accreditation as a Certified Management Accountant in 1987.

Angela collaborates with her husband Ray, Holistic Cooking Instructor in this dynamic duo, to deliver holistic cooking workshops and experiential wellness events inviting participants on a fun and delicious journey which awaken and engage the senses.



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